About us:

About us:

COINCASH is the first crypto bank in the CIS presented in the market since 2018,
which gives unprecedented results for our depositors and provides safe loans for our customers.

Our bank is aimed at providing our depositors with a stable income
by processing the data from our ITIS partners, as well as
successful trading of stocks and cryptocurrencies.
Thereby we will be able to regulate the domestic market of the platform and external assets, as well as gain more opportunities in the international scene of the crypto market, which will subsequently lead to liquidity of the currency and abundant growth.
We are now attracting the first pool of investments to launch the token on the CoinBase exchange


Advantages of the token:

Fast smart contract
Minimizing taxation
Passive income without investing in assets
Liquidity of the currency in the international market
Opportunity to make transactions with utility payments / operators / gas stations around the world or just to pay in a store

To avoid big losses on fees and taxes,

we decided to create our own payment system with internal currency CCT, which makes it possible to perform transactions and invest without paying taxes and fees.

Our currency serves as an asset from the moment
of its purchase and further sale

How does it work?

How many tokens do you want to buy?

280 $

As soon as you buy one of the currency packages you will receive passive income from the token itself, without investing in the asset! Conditionally, for the purchase of a package of 1,000,000 CCT, the investor gets a passive profit at the rate of 2% per month
Token price:
The first users can independently adjust the interest rate according to their wishes

Payment methods supported
for purchase of CCT

Technical department
Technical department
Technical department