Webinar for Leaders

Webinar for Leaders

Dear CoinCash Leaders!

We invite you to take part in the Company′s webinar! 
The Leadership Webinar will take place on October 15, 2019 at 07:00 GMT +03:00.

The following program of the meeting is planned:
• Summing up semi-annual results.
• Leaders will share the secrets of their success.
• We will analyze effective business technologies that actually work.
• A plan for further effective development will be outlined.

If you′ve attended CoinCash Webinars for Leaders, you don′t need to register. If you want to participate in the webinar for leaders for the first time, you must register no later than 6 hours before the webinar (before 10:00 Moscow time).

To do this, send a request to the email address [email protected] with the subject line «Participation in the webinar for leaders».

In the letter, indicate: First name, Surname, city and phone number by which you can be contacted for a contact.
After processing the data, you will receive confirmation of your registration for the webinar.

A personal link to enter the webinar will be sent by mail to everyone who has registered.
Invite successful leaders of your team and promising partners to the webinar.

We give an opportunity, and the decision to use it is already yours!

Best regards, team «COINCASH»™