Improvement in the security system

Improvement in the security system

Hello dear participants of the CoinCash project!

We continue to work on improving the quality of protection of personal accounts of platform users.
This week we have increased the protection of your accounts from possible hacking by intruders, and now you can sleep peacefully without worrying that your savings will be taken out of the available balance by someone else.

When the user clicks on the «Withdraw balance» button and is going to make a withdrawal to a new wallet, which he has not previously used to withdraw funds, in the dialog box that opens, he will be asked to enter a confirmation code for changing the wallet.

The confirmation code is sent to the mailbox that was specified by the user during registration.
The confirmation code for each new wallet is done only once.
If for any reason this code did not come to the mail, you need to contact your upliner for help and he will help you confirm the new wallet.

To receive confirmation from a upliner, you must send him a request from your personal account.
When sending a request, the upliner will receive a corresponding message in his office. To speed up the confirmation, you can call him and ask him to personally fulfill this request.

The confirmation notification will also be sent to the upliner via his email, so the second way he can fulfill the request is to click on the corresponding link in this notification letter.

In a normal situation, if there is no rush to withdraw the balance and do not call the upliner, he received such a letter, he should contact the one who sent him a request to confirm the change of the wallet address and independently make sure that the account is not hacked and the change of address was not initiated by someone else , namely the owner of the account and he really wants to make a withdrawal to a new wallet.

After making sure personally that everything is in order, the upliner gives his approval and further according to the regulations, the application for the withdrawal of funds will be made within 24 hours.

Such a security control tie-up, based on the use of the human factor, allows you to secure the withdrawal of funds in the event of a change in the user′s wallet address.

We give an opportunity, and the decision to use it is already yours!

Best regards, team «COINCASH»™