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Launch of the credit and investment service in test mode!

Launch of the credit and investment service in test mode!

Good afternoon, dear visitors of our site!

We launched a startup platform for lending to the population secured by crypto-currency. The site will work in test mode for the first month.

You may be asking what it means. This means that during this period of time we will transfer testing of the service from automatic conditionally intelligent bots to real users.

At the same time, we will gradually increase the working capital, expand the staff of specialists involved in the project and add various innovations on the site, as they say now new features. First of all, we will add popular payment methods for depositing and withdrawing funds.

The site is currently working only in English. In the future, the site will be translated into Russian, and later into other languages, which will significantly expand the geography of both our borrowers and investors.

Online loans are available to all users right now. Those owners of crypto assets who register on our website and wish to receive a loan quickly can use their convenient financial means by providing them as collateral.

Also, you can invest in the development of our project by investing your personal funds at 1.0% - 1.6% per day. We attract investors′ capital in order to increase the amount of working capital that we can provide for borrowers.

The platform makes money on the difference between the loan issued and the attracted investments. A simple example, one person invested $1′000 at 1.0% per day, and another person, in turn, borrowed this $1′000 at 1.2% per day. It turns out that our site′s earnings are 0.2%. This money goes to the maintenance of the platform, staff salaries and the rest of the money goes to the insurance fund.

Our company is officially registered in England and Wales on March 4, 2019 with number 11859671.

In the future, we want to expand our business by opening our own pawnshops on the ground and cooperating with those pawnshops that do not work online.

Study the information on the site in detail, use convenient loans wisely and invest your money at a decent percentage. If you still have questions, you can write to technical support and our specialists will answer you as soon as possible.

At the moment, such payment systems as Payeer (USD, RUB, UAH), PerfectMoney (USD), AdvancedCash (USD, EURO, RUB, UAH), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monobank are available for input-output. All of them work conveniently without conversion.

Other payment systems are also already connected, but will be available gradually during the test period.

Follow our news updates.

We give an opportunity, and the decision to use it is already yours!

Best regards, team «COINCASH»™

Date of publication: 2019-02-25