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Each user, whom urgently needs money and whom has cryptocurrency, can take advantage of our service and take a money loan under bail of the cryptocurrency.

Loan is one of the main ways of supplying of the commitments of the borrower before creditor. In our case by loan acts cryptocurrency. This service is reliable as well, as well as common loan in the pawnshop. You receive advanced and reliable variant of the credit, at the same time integrity of your loan is guaranteed by our online-service.

Our services are maximally simple, transparent and accessible for all holders of cryptocurrency. All actions are followed by the support service in the online-mode 24/7.

Calculator for loan calculation.

Choose amount of loan


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Choose currency for receipt (USD)

Choose cryptocurrency for loan

To payment the cryptocurrency:

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Commission (%):
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Loyalty program

By the purpose of creation of more attractive conditions of crediting COINCASH offers additional bonuses to Borrowers:

- increase of credit limit for following loans;

- granting of saving system of discounts;

- increase of the term of loan and reduction of size of per cent on will loan;

- establishing to Borrower of individual interest rate on will loan depending on quality of credit history of Borrower and the history of receipt and liquidation of loans.

* Full details you can learn through Service of technical support.