Who can receive loan in your online-service?

Any citizen of any state which reached 18 years can receive the loan.

What document are required to receive a loan?

No additional data, other than that required during registration, is required.

Can i take a money loan, if i have delays in other organisations?

We are not interested neither by delay, nor credit history of our customers. Primary factor of handing of money loan is presence at customer the cryptocurrency, which you leave as the bail.

How can i receive a money loan?

Fill in a simple form of handing of the loan on the site, translate your bail to requisites specified by our service and you will receive monetary resource to requisites specified by you.

In the case of occurrence of additional questions, contact our service of technical support.

Which maximum amount from bail can i receive to loan?

We are handing amount up to 90% from cost of the cryptocurrency for the moment of the loan formation.

Which is the minimum and maximum amount that you give as a money loan?

We issue amounts ranging from $ 100 to $ 100,000 per loan.

At what term can i get a loan?

We issue loans for a period of 7 (seven) and up to 150 (one hundred and fifty) calendar days.

Which is the interest rate by the loan?

The interest rate is influenced by several factors, namely: loan term, loan amount, type of cryptocurrency for collateral, loan payment system (some take a percentage for the transfer between accounts within the system). Use the Calculator on the website to calculate the interest rate or contact the manager of our company.

To which payment system can i get a money loan?

So, as we are an online service, then we credit for electronic payment systems such as: Visa / MasterCard / Maestro, USDT. In the future we plan to expand the list of electronic payment systems.

How many loans can i open simultaneously?

We have no limitations to the amount made out money loans. All depends on what amount of the cryptocurrency you are ready to grant under bail.

How can i return loan and receive one's cryptocurrency back?

Fill in a simple form of return of the loan on the site, translate your loan and commission on will loan to requisites specified by our service and you will receive your bail to requisites specified by you. In the case of occurrence of additional questions contact our service of technical support.

Is it possible to reset loan ahead of schedule?

Ahead of schedule it is possible to reset loan at every instant. In the case of partial preschedule loan repayment per cent in subsequent will be added only to the amount of outstanding residue on the main amount of the loan. In the case of total preschedule loan repayment charge of per cent for use of loan ceases for the date of total preschedule loan repayment. Total current amount of preschedule loan repayment can be seen in Personal cabinet on the page of current loan.

What to do if i do not have time to pay a money loan on terms of contract?

If you infringed the schedule of the payment and the term of unpaid amount exceeds 7 calendar days, then to you penalty will be added per every day delay at a rate of 5% from the amount of the loan.

What to do if i define a loan and do not leave for communication?

If you have delayed the repayment of the cash loan, then 14 calendar days after the start of the delay, we reserve the right to realize your cryptocurrency deposit in full to cover all losses of our online service.

How does the company return depressed loans?

We do not collect the delay from the client, since we receive a pledge in the form of cryptocurrency and therefore we implement the pledge cryptocurrency, thereby covering all losses on cash loans.

Why do you get investment under the per cent?

All funds raised go to the development and expansion of the online service. The more loans we issue, the more profit we get. Therefore, we are ready to share profits with our partners if they invest in the development of our online service.

How to become an investor of your company?

It is enough to go through a simple registration on the site, fill in all the necessary fields and purchase the selected investment plan.

What is the minimum investment amount?

Minimum investment: 10 USD.

What is minimum amount to conclusion?

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 10 (ten) dollars.

Which payment systems is implemented in your online-service?

You can invest using such payment systems as: BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, RIPPLE, BITKOIN CASH, EOS, STELLAR, LITE, DASH, USDT. New payment systems will be added to the site during work.

Is there convertation at investment in the cryptocurrency?

Yes, our online-service converts cryptocurrencies for investment.
At filling up of Personal cabinet take advantage of Converter and reeconvert the cryptocurrency to dollar for acquisition of chosen investment plan. Here in after we plan to accept investments and in the cryptocurrency.

When does charge of the profits on investments take place?

Investment interest is calculated daily (according to the selected investment plan) and immediately available for withdrawal. Interest on investments acquired before 00.00 today accrue until 00.00 the next day.

When can i deduce profit on my investments?

Profits conclusion takes place daily (according to chosen investment plan).
You can apply for withdrawal of profits once a day.
The regulation of processing of bids accounts for 24 hours since application.

Can i create deposit, using one payment system and remove means to other payment system?

No, such function by our online-service is not provided. You can fill up Personal cabinet from any purse of that payment system, to which you plan to remove profit. But you can remove profit only to purse registered in your Personal cabinet.

Why per cent of the profitability on investments is not fixed and why investments are limited to the daily allowances by the limit?

Since a large part of the profits of online-service is formed from loans (their amounts , terms, return, interest rates and flight path.), we cannot open not limited amount of investment proposals.
As well, we cannot guarantee fixed sum of profit. We guarantee that your profit will be no less than 1,0% and no more than 2,0% (according to chosen investment plan)

Can i create a few personal accounts?

No, for creation more than one personal account in which the partner created investments or used a partner program all personal accounts such partner will be blocked.

Where do i find my referral link?

Your referral link is unique and is located in the Dashboard

Can i don't have an invitor?

Yes, you can register directly with our online service.

Can i change the invitor?

No, the invite change function is not available.

When can i deduce profit received on partner program?

Profits conclusion takes place daily.
You can apply for withdrawal of profits once a day.
The regulation of processing of bids accounts for 24 hours since application.

Can i earn on partner program without presence of my own investments?

No, you cannot. For receipt of the profits on partner program you should have one active investment plan «LEADER»

Will i receive a partner remuneration after termination of my personal deposit «LEADER»?

No, not receive. For further work of your partner program acquire an investment plan «LEADER»

How does the partner program on loans work?

For receipt of bonuses on will loan you should invite borrower personally. Bonuses on loan are added to the amount of loan produced by the customer to your personal bonus account depending on your partner rank in Personal cabinet. For receipt of additional information you will submit to service of technical support.

Can i publicly use partner tools?

Using of partner tools is unlimited. You can locate unique partner reference and other advertising materials of our service on resources accessible to you online: sites, forums, blogs, advertising platforms etc.
The more audience which will see and use your reference, the above probability of growth of your income.

Can i create several personal accounts?

No, for creating more than one personal account in which a partner created investments or used an affiliate program, all personal accounts of such a partner will be blocked.

What is an authenticator and why do i need it?

This is one of the most reliable ways to protect your Personal Account from hacking. The authenticator is available for connection in the Dashboard in the Settings section.

Is the site of your online service protected from ddos attack and all-possible hacking?

We use an expensive dedicated server that protects the site from any ddos attack. Also transferred information flows pass SSL-encryption.

Can i change my payment requisites?

With a view of safety change-over of payment requisites is possible only through service of technical support.

Can i remove a personal accounts?

No, it is impossible to make for technical reasons.

Can i translate means from my personal cabinet to the cabinet of other partner?

Yes, you can. For it the partner-remittee in Personal cabinet should have a working investment plan.
For translation of the means between partners cabinets the commission of Service is collected at a rate of 5% from the amount of translation, to avoidance of performing of roguish operations and for prevention of creation multi accounts.

What to do if i did not find answer to my question?

Submit to our service of technical support online or on addresses specified on official site of online-service in the section Contacts.

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